Summary of Services
Daniella Wald Family Law Resolutions provides the following specialized family law services:

  • family mediation - I am the neutral mediator and work with both of you to help you reach an agreement                                                                                             
  • collaborative family law - I am the lawyer for one of you and we work with your spouse and their lawyer as a team to help you reach an agreement                         
  • legal consultations, independent legal advice and coaching - when you just need a little extra help and advice 
    • drafting and reviewing settlement proposals, financial disclosure, property and support calculations, parenting plans and/or separation agreements
    • legal advice for clients who are participating in a mediation process                                                                                   
  • joint neutral consultationlearn about process and issues together, in a joint information session (this is to help you both get started, it is not legal advice)         ‚Äč

The Importance of Understanding Process Options

There are many process options available to choose from, ranging from talking to your spouse at the kitchen table, which may only require limited involvement of lawyers, to acrimonious and adversarial litigation in the court system.  Most people fall somewhere in between on the dispute resolution spectrum.  

The process you choose will impact you and your family in very significant ways, so it is important that you choose the right process for your particular circumstances and that you find out about your process options early on.  In many cases, engaging as a team in a positive and supportive process from the outset can make all the difference in achieving a fair and reasonable settlement.  If you and your spouse are committed to settlement, can learn to negotiate respectfully and in good faith, and want to put your children's interests first, then you are fully capable of reaching constructive, mutually satisfactory, cost-effective solutions.  

Even difficult cases with high conflict can often be resolved through negotiation, collaborative process, or mediation.  Unfortunately, some cases cannot be resolved through consensus and require the intervention of a third party.  Sometimes an arbitrator is retained as a private judge to make decisions (where there are financial issues being adjudicated, the arbitrator is usually an experienced family law lawyer).  Sometimes court intervention is needed, but should be a last resort.  

If at any time you require court intervention in your case, I will help you retain a suitable lawyer and ensure a smooth transition of your file.  If you have questions about a process you are involved in, I can also provide you with information, advice and coaching to help ensure that you understand the process, your rights and obligations within it, and that you are supported throughout.     

To find out more about your process options, email to schedule a consultation.