Advice and guidance to help you navigate the legal system

  • make decisions about what process to pursue, or what steps to take next to move your case forward
  • work out and implement a parenting schedule
  • organize and complete your financial disclosure
  • request or review disclosure from your spouse
  • put your ideas into a concrete settlement proposal
  • prepare for settlement discussions or mediation
  • understand court forms and procedures, along with what evidence and/or submissions will assist you in the process so that you can prepare your documents more effectively
If you have questions about your situation, or need help at any stage, I will provide you with the legal knowledge and insight you need to help you move your matter forward. The can be done either individually or together with your spouse, depending on the circumstances.

Individual Consultation and Coaching

Some people wish to represent themselves in negotiation, mediation, or in court, but may need help from time to time navigating some of the substantive and procedural issues that arise in the process. Having someone to turn to for advice and guidance, even on a limited basis, can help a lot.

If you feel you would benefit from professional assistance on a limited basis, ​I can provide you with legal advice, process information and strategy ideas and options. Sometimes having a sounding board, or a brain storming session, can help you move forward if you feel stuck and are not sure which path to take.

If you would like assistance on how to frame your ideas and concerns to your spouse, to his or her lawyer, to a mediator, or to a judge, you may benefit from individual coaching. I can help you with many aspects of your case on an as-needed basis, while your remain in complete control of your file and your costs.

For example, a coach can help you:
Consultations and Coaching

These are just a few examples of how coaching can help you move forward more effectively and efficiently towards a resolution of your case.  A coaching plan can be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Joint Consultation and Coaching

Some people wish to meet with a family law professional together with their spouse, so that they can receive legal information together and make informed decisions about how they wish to move forward. ​​

In joint consultation, I will provide you and your spouse with neutral information about family law and all of your process options.  As your joint neutral consultant, I will not provide legal advice to either you or your spouse.  In this respect, a joint consultation is similar to mediation.  However, unlike mediation, the goal of the process is not to settle your case, discuss terms of an agreement, or make any procedural or substantive decisions.  Instead, the focus is on making sure that you and your spouse clearly understand all of your process options and the range of potential issues in your case so that you can choose the best process in which to negotiate.  

The goal of a joint consultation is to provide you and your spouse with all of the information and tools you need to make intelligent choices that will manage conflict and cost for your family.    

A joint consultation in the early stages of separation can make a big difference.  It is a good way to ensure that both you and your spouse are receiving the same legal information, and that you are aware of all of your process options, before either of you make decisions or take steps that will affect the direction and, ultimately, the outcome of your case.

As your joint coach and neutral process facilitator, I will help you and your spouse communicate, exchange information about children or finances, express concerns and needs to each other in a constructive manner, and discuss next steps in your case.   

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