Critically assess your options ​so you can make informed decisions

The nature of family law in Ontario is changing. More and more, people going through separation are choosing to represent themselves in negotiations with their spouse, in mediation, and in court.

Having a lawyer represent your interests and provide you with advice at every stage of the process is often the best option, and many people will choose to have full representation of legal counsel from start to finish. However, if your issues are very simple, you may feel you do not need a lawyer for certain aspects of your case. Or, you may feel you cannot afford to have full representation of a lawyer throughout. In those circumstances, you can still access limited legal services to obtain the advice you will need to successfully navigate the process and reach a satisfactory resolution.

Legal Advice on Agreements

If you are in the process of negotiating the terms of an agreement with your spouse, either directly or with the assistance of a mediator, I can provide you with legal advice on an as-needed basis and address any questions you may have about the process and about your options.

Ideally, both parties will seek legal advice before starting a negotiation or mediation, as well as at various times during the process. This is important because it ensures that you and your spouse have accurate information about your respective legal rights and obligations, to enable you to have meaningful settlement discussions. I will provide you with the information and advice you need at each stage of your negotiation to be able to critically assess all of your options, so that you can make informed decisions about settlement. 

It is essential that you fully understand all of the consequences of an agreement before you sign it. If you already have a draft agreement that you have worked on, I will review it with you to make sure that it accomplishes what you want to achieve, avoids potential pitfalls, and addresses everything that may be important to you and your family. 

Drafting Agreements

If you have already negotiated terms of a settlement and wish to "paper it", in addition to providing you with advice on the settlement, I will help you prepare a legally binding written agreement that you can rely upon in the future. 

Drafting Offers to Settle

If you are negotiating directly with your spouse out of court, or if you are representing yourself in a court proceeding and wish to make a settlement proposal to try to resolve the litigation, I can advise you on all of your settlement options and help you prepare an informed and well thought out Offer to Settle to help facilitate a resolution of your case.

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