Resource Links

General Information

Information about family law from the Province of Ontario, Ministry of the Attorney General:

Information about family law and divorce from the Government of Canada, Department of Justice:

Information about family law for both parents and children from the Canadian Bar Association: 

Information about family violence: 

Parenting Plan Resource  

A useful guide to building your own parenting plan:   

Family Law Legislation

Tax Resources 

Canada Revenue Agency:

    Useful Canada Revenue Agency forms:

Canadian Bar Association's Tax Matters Toolkit


Information about dividing Canada Pension Plan credits: Service Canada, CPP Credits

Valuation and division of private pensions:


Federal Child Support Guidelines, Department of Justice: Table child support calculator:  (note this is a simple Table child support calculator only, and does not include special/extraordinary expenses or other considerations that may be relevant to your case under the Child Support Guidelines)

Information about enforcing support payments through the Family Responsibility Office:


Financial Statements

Ontario Family Court Forms, available in both Word and pdf formats, from Ontario Court Services: