Negotiate a reasonable settlement through your lawyers 

In a traditional family law negotiation process, you and your spouse each retain a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.  Issues that are resolved through the negotiation are then incorporated into a written agreement.  

Negotiations and settlement discussions can take place in a number of ways, including by telephone call and/or written correspondence between the lawyers, one or more settlement meetings between the lawyers, and/or one or more four-way settlement meetings that include both spouses and their lawyers.  

The traditional negotiation model may be more adversarial than other dispute resolution processes and often focuses more on strict legal rights and obligations. However, because a large portion, if not all, of the settlement discussions take place directly between the lawyers, this may be an appropriate process for spouses who cannot communicate with each other.  

Traditional negotiation may also be a good process for spouses with relatively simple issues who want to reach a reasonable and fair settlement through their lawyers. 

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Traditional Negotiation