Specializing in the settlement of all areas of family law, including:

  • parenting and custody of children
  • child support
  • spousal support 
  • division of property
  • divorce
  • marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements

Separation Agreements

The goal of any family law resolution process is to assist you and your spouse to successfully negotiate the terms of a final written agreement, taking into account all of the issues that are important to you.  

Issues relating to your children, including the way decisions will be made ("custody") and the children's residential schedule ("parenting time", also called "access" in the legislation), are often resolved by way of a comprehensive parenting plan. Financial issues are resolved by a separation agreement that is signed by both spouses and their respective lawyers at the end of the process.

In some cases, a temporary agreement may be signed to address more immediate issues while longer-term arrangements are being discussed.  It is critical to get legal advice before you sign any agreement to make sure that you understand all of your legal rights and obligations and the consequences of the agreement.

If properly prepared, a separation agreement is a legally binding document.  It can be incorporated into a court order if needed to enforce its terms in the future.

Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements 

Domestic contracts include marriage contracts (often called "prenuptial agreements", or "pre-nups"), which can be signed either before or during a marriage, as well as cohabitation agreements, which can be signed before or during a period of cohabitation (for couples who are not married).

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements create a future roadmap to resolving many of your financial issues if the relationship ends, and in many cases can help strengthen the foundations of a relationship.  

In my view, domestic contracts should be approached collaboratively, and involve both individual and joint meetings with you, your spouse and your respective lawyers.  

Regardless of the family dispute resolution process that you choose, both spouses must exchange full and accurate financial information and they each must obtain independent legal advice prior to signing any agreement.  This is the case both for separation agreements and for marriage contracts/cohabitation agreements.

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