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​If you are committed to trying to resolve your disagreements together, out of court, then there is a better way...


Daniella, thanks very much for making this as painless as possible. We really appreciate it.

Thank you very very much again for your advice and assistance during the whole process. I really appreciated your open-minded and thoughtful support throughout.

Thank you so much for all your help over the years – it feels good to be moving on with my life and your work made it happen.

Thank you for an effective, productive way to settle our issues + finally reach an agreement.  Our mediator, Daniella, was wonderful!  She came up with a creative solution to what may have been a stale-mate.

The mediator was amazing, professional and very knowledgeable, paid close attention to the real issues - very good.

​The mediator was extremely calm, confident and patient in explaining the process and listening to what I had to say. Thank you.

​During this long and emotional, stressful time, Daniella made me feel comfortable and at ease. I'm a mother of three and it was hard. She made it finally able for me to move on with my kids. I could now put all of my money toward them. Live life with happiness!

helping families work together to transition through separation for over 15 years 

Daniella Wald is a family law lawyer, collaborative practitioner, and accredited family mediator. Daniella assists clients going through separation and divorce to resolve all of their issues fairly and efficiently through a variety of consensual dispute resolution processes, including collaborative practice and mediation.

​Daniella is committed to empowering families to resolve their separation issues outside of the courtroom. Separation does not have to be a battlefield, nor should it be, especially when children are involved. There are many dispute resolution processes available outside of the traditional adversarial system that can provide better outcomes for families. Daniella can help you find a constructive way forward, based on the unique circumstances of your family.

Legal Advice and Settlement Advocacy

As your lawyer, Daniella will provide you with expert legal advice and make sure you have all of the information and tools you need to make the best decisions you can for your family. Daniella will help you negotiate effectively to achieve a positive resolution to all of the issues arising from separation and divorce, and to ensure your final agreement addresses what is important to you.

Learn more about Collaborative Divorce, and Independent Legal Advice.

Family Mediation

As your mediator, Daniella will ensure that you and your spouse have all of the information you need to have meaningful settlement discussions about both parenting and financial issues. She will facilitate negotiations between you and your spouse and help you reach an agreement that meets all of your family's needs.

Learn more about Family Mediation.

Joint Neutral Consultation

Note sure which resolution process is right for you? Attend a joint consultation with your spouse to find out together about your process options. Daniella will provide legal and process information so that you can understand the road ahead, plan the next step together, and take control of your future.

Learn more about Joint Neutral Consultation.

Resolving Disputes with Dignity

By helping you choose and implement the right process and strategies for you and your family, Daniella strives to minimize the stress and damage to family members and finances that can often occur during separation. If you have children, divorce is not the end of the family. It is a transformation of the family into something new. The dispute resolution process you choose can have a significant impact on your children. Daniella can help you take control of the restructuring of your family and lay a strong foundation for your family's future.

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