Cost-effective and custom-tailored  

Group Information Sessions

If you are part of a group or organization and want to learn about family law issues and process options, I can present a family law information session to your group or organization.  Information sessions can be tailored to address your group's specific interests.  

A family law information session can be a cost-effective way for your group to gain information about family law, family dispute resolution processes, the legal system and court procedures.  It is an opportunity to ask questions about family law without having to pay for an individual consultation.  Note that legal advice about your situation cannot be provided at information sessions, only legal information can be discussed.   

Groups are usually a maximum of 12 people (larger groups may be possible but there may be an additional cost depending on the location) and can include friends, extended family, neighbours, co-workers, members of your religious community, etc.  After-hours sessions are available upon request.

To schedule a group information session, send an email to