A cost-effective and innovative way to get information about separation and divorce, Early Neutral Consultation, created by the Family Law Pathways Center in Barrie, Ontario, is a joint information session with a neutral family law expert. In this one-time, 90 minute session, I will show you and your spouse how you can navigate through your separation together, so that you can choose the best way forward.

If you are hoping to resolve your issues out of court, Early Neutral Consultation provides a unique opportunity for both of you to learn about your options, before you start making any decisions. The process you choose to help you work through your separation is of critical importance, and you cannot choose the best process for your family without information first. By attending a joint session, you can be sure that you have both received the same information about your options so that you can make informed decisions and work together to plan the next step forward.

Early Neutral Consultation is not legal advice, and I do not act as a lawyer for either you or your spouse. No decisions are made in the joint meeting and there are no negotiations. The focus is on information - process information and legal information specific to your family's needs. You will have an opportunity to ask all of your questions about the separation process so that you can make the best decisions about how you want to resolve your issues.


Schedule an Early Neutral Consultation to help you plan your path to resolution,    info@waldfamilylaw.com.

Early/Joint Neutral Consultation

Information First, Then Plan Together​